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JenAI Assist is a smart, secure, and compliant digital engagement solution that brings your customers closer to you. It works in harmony with your organization’s resources and embodies the seamless integration of technology and personal touch needed to succeed.

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Solving Big Problems

Fixing a Fragmented User Journey

Customer engagement across channels — from encrypted emails to secure document sharing, form submissions, and chats — doesn’t have to be a juggling act. The typical mix of services from different providers can lead to a patchwork of customer portals, mismatched tools, redundant logins, and varied security protocols. This lack of cohesion confuses customers, inflates costs, and elevates risk. Discover the unified solution that smooths the customer journey and seamlessly integrates AI into your operations.

Feeling overwhelmed by AI? Relax, we’re here to simplify it for you. Dive in to learn more!

Applications of JenAI Assist by Industry

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Improve efficiency and profitability

Streamline care team’s processes to deliver tailored experiences to members efficiently.


Modernize workflows

Offer patients fast access to information for enhanced experiences that deepen trust.


Improve care leading to better results

Access the data you need quickly without waiting for a callback.


Streamline ops and increase efficiencies:

Use AI and data to simplify operations, reduce expenses, and increase efficiency.


Simplify the user experience with seamless integration

Gain access to the data you need, quickly, without waiting for a call back.


Foster more meaningful client conversations 

Offer clients fast access to information for enhanced experiences that deepen trust.


Increase workflow efficiency

Reduce call volume and unify secure client communications.


Boost speed of government operations through automation

Deliver services to citizens more swiftly with solutions designed specifically for government efficiency.


Increase workflow efficiency

Optimize digital interactions to better serve your citizens and free up more time to operate your administration.


Simplify the user experience with seamless integration

Gain access to the data you need, quickly, without waiting for a call back.

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Seamlessly Connected: Where Innovation Meets Security

Why DataMotion

Our solutions, rooted in a zero-trust architecture, ensure data security and compliance with every interaction, while our GenAI, powered by Microsoft OpenAI technology, ensures privacy by design by accessing only approved sources. As the only provider that can replace numerous point solutions, DataMotion offers an unmatched feature set, eliminating fragmentation and promoting a cohesive, integrated experience for clients, partners and employees.


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Security at our Core

Embrace the future of productivity with secure and compliant AI

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“Data Motion's Secure Message Center has been a game-changer for our organization. The seamless encryption and user-friendly interface have made our communication not only secure but also incredibly efficient.”

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