Simplify, Unify, and Secure

JenAI Assist™

The Breakthrough Generative AI Solution

JenAI Assist is a complete AI-enabled digital exchange platform that delights your customers, partners and employees. It unifies common digital exchange methods, including secure messages, document exchange, and smart forms, with its simple, powerful GenAI-enabled chat interface. It’s the all-in-one GenAI-enabled platform where everything is in a single pane of glass!

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Immersive Self-Service for Enhanced CX

Chat, with Generative AI

Empower users with self-service, enabling them to interact naturally with our AI chat, which delivers prompt and precise responses by drawing from approved company and user data sources. This ensures a fast, accurate, and secure user experience.

Experience seamless efficiency with our Smart Forms, fully integrated for an immersive user experience and direct access to your Interactive Engagement History.

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Retaining a Secure Human Connection

Seamless Agent and Expert Assistance

Unlike a simple chat conversation with AI, if the AI doesn’t have the answer, users can easily request assistance from an online or offline real expert, such as a financial advisor, doctor, or insurance provider. Live agents are on standby for immediate support.

With your AI chat conversation history included in the escalation request, your specialist will be fully briefed and ready to respond from their enterprise system.

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Secure Forms, Reimagined

Smart Forms That Simplify Workflows

Integrate Smart Forms into your workflows and make them easily accessible for users through JenAI Assist. Users can fill out forms in the chat, enjoying a seamless experience that saves time and reduces errors. Forms can be quickly created and managed effortlessly with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

  • Agent lookup and scheduling.
  • Change of name or address.
  • Client intake form.
  • Integrate any workflow with any web-calls and endpoints effortlessly.
Secure Exchange: Simple, Streamlined Messaging and Sharing

Secure Message and Document Sharing

JenAI Assist eliminates the need for separate email encryption and document-sharing solutions, unifying digital exchange into a streamlined feed interface. This solution allows you to exchange messages and large documents within a streamlined, powerful UI alongside AI Chat, Forms, and Feed.

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A Special Kind of Activity Feed

Interactive Engagement History

Consolidate interactions into one continuous feed—chats, messages, forms, and content across all channels—for a comprehensive and easily accessible interaction history. Tailor your data retention requirements, ensuring compliance and control.

Any User, Anywhere.

Reliable Identity Management

Secure access through our internal identity provider (IdP) and single sign-on (SSO) are compatible with most OpenID, OAuth2, and SAML providers.

Delivery Methods that Empower Your Evolution

Flexible Deployment Options

Launch with no-code solutions or embed into your secured applications and portals with low-code widgets and pro-code REST API options.

We provide maximum flexibility, seamless integration, and expert support across your customer and digital transformation journeys, all at your own pace.

Applications of JenAI Assist by Industry

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Improve efficiency and profitability

Streamline care team’s processes to deliver tailored experiences to members efficiently.


Modernize workflows

Offer patients fast access to information for enhanced experiences that deepen trust.


Improve care leading to better results

Access the data you need quickly without waiting for a callback.


Streamline ops and increase efficiencies:

Use AI and data to simplify operations, reduce expenses, and increase efficiency.


Simplify the user experience with seamless integration

Gain access to the data you need, quickly, without waiting for a call back.


Foster more meaningful client conversations 

Offer clients fast access to information for enhanced experiences that deepen trust.


Increase workflow efficiency

Reduce call volume and unify secure client communications.


Boost speed of government operations through automation

Deliver services to citizens more swiftly with solutions designed specifically for government efficiency.


Increase workflow efficiency

Optimize digital interactions to better serve your citizens and free up more time to operate your administration.


Simplify the user experience with seamless integration

Gain access to the data you need, quickly, without waiting for a call back.

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